Exploring Chakras with Woo Woo Co: Heart-Centered Sound Bath

Join Team OV for the first of three series events exploring Chakras, the energy centers of the body, with Woo Woo Co!

For the month of February, we will focus on emotional well-being and how to be more compassionate with the heart chakra. The heart chakra represents empathy, compassion, balance, relationships, love, self-care and more. We will also tap into the Pisces energy, which is creative, intuitive and warmhearted. We will start with a guided meditation followed by deep sound. This will be a recurring, monthly meditation that will leave you feeling uplifted and relaxed.

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Exploring Chakras with Woo Woo Co: Heart-Centered Sound Bath

Wednesday, February 19th


6:30 PM


3025 M St NW, Washington DC

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