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Wellness Wednesday: All Things Gut Health

Join Team OV and Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness Expert Jennifer Hanway, for her most popular workshop, ‘Gut Health: The Foundation of Wellbeing’.

Jenny will be discussing the nutrition, fitness and wellbeing strategies we can implement to optimize our gut health and help prevent chronic disease. We will identify the foods to eliminate to improve gut function, and learn how to heal, balance and repair our GI systems with natural foods, supplements and self- care strategies, resulting in optimum health. 

"It was Hippocrates who said 'All disease begins in the gut', and centuries later scientific evidence shows us how right he was. Vibrant living, endless energy, a robust immune system, mental clarity, glowing skin and optimum body composition all start with the foundation of health: our GI system."

Grab a friend (and a notebook) and RSVP below!

Wellness Wednesday: All Things Gut Health
Date and Time:

Wednesday, February 26th: 5:45 PM


OV Boston
31 Northern Avenue, Boston MA

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